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Newborn photography has been a passion of mine since I could remember. Since I was very young, I was always infatuated with newborn babies. They are SO precious… how could you not?!  I have a natural way of handling them with the upmost care and compassion. I even see this trait in my one of my daughters since she was two years old!  My love for newborns grew as I grew up and my love for newborn photography developed when I discovered Anne Geddes, one of the top leading newborn photographers in the world.  She created artwork using babies as her subject with custom made props.  Her work inspires me everyday when creating something sweet and unique with the babies that come into my studio today.

What’s even sweeter than newborns? Babies that have grown out of the newborn stage and have developed a sense of character! They say the cutest things and make the cutest moves. But they don’t stay that small and cute for too long. In fact, those moments go by so fast and make you cry and wish you can go back in time.

There is no better way to freeze time than with photos, and why not have fun with it?!  I help my clients freeze time with special milestone sessions to capture the new things they do, such as sitting up all alone, crawling, finding those precious toes, smiling, laughing, free standing, and even walking!  How about when that little person is now celebrating their first birthday?! Oh my, where did the time go?  Before you know it, your baby has started school, graduated collage, and ready to get married!  Nooo!  Can’t they stay babies forever?!  I’m here to help you savor the moment, have fun with it, and make some memories.

My studio has a variety of props such as buckets, wraps, blankets, headbands, boy ties/bow ties, etc to make each and every session extra special.  Each and every session has a custom setup, based on my clients personal preference. Contact me today to find out rates or schedule an appointment.